Saturday, September 24, 2005

So, I just got an email from Lorinda, my best friend from high school. She says that there were 100-150 people at the local gathering here in Glen Ellyn last night and that many of them were planning to go to the downtown Chicago gathering tonight. Whoa. I guess I shouldn't have been nervous that no one would be there. Now, I'm going to be fresh meat since the others will be old hat to each other. (What does that phrase "old hat" really mean?) On a positive note, my friend Emily - who I have a history of asking her what she's wearing to events and has actually dressed me in her clothes on at least one occasion - asked me what I was wearing. So, my agonizing was actually useful to someone else! The research I did on what kind of venue this was taking place in was validated! Take that, Type B people of the world!

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