Saturday, September 24, 2005


I do not believe the extent to which my stomach is filling up with nervous fluttering. I'm sure there are some yoga exercises that would help but I'm too jittery to think of anything but downward dog and I just don't think that would help. My dad's only comfort that he could offer me is to say, "I think it's just the nature of events like this to make you nervous." As we all know, I'm very comfortable with my participation in this ten-year reunion. Still, though, as I aimlessly surf blogs, my shoulders keep creeping toward my ears.

My hair, however, looks fabulous, even in this damp, it-could-rain-at-any-moment weather.

It is this last half an hour before I can legitimately start getting ready. All I have to do is change my shirt and make sure my jewelry is right. Actually, I might not even change the shirt; in which case, all I have to do is take the shirt off, wash out my armpits (natural deodorant), apply more deodorant, and go. Oh, and put the shirt back on. So, I pretty much have to keep myself busy up to the last minute.

Ack. OK, it's time.

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