Friday, June 10, 2005

Losing my anonymity

People are starting to find my blog because they have entered the name of the resort where I work into search engines. That means that those people are potentially going to come to my island as tourists.

This makes me a little nervous for two reasons. The first is that not everything that I say about where I work is complimentary. This blog was started to keep my friends and relatives updated on my adventure so I wanted to give an accurate frame of reference to those that had been here and an accurate description to those that had not. Plus, I was never any good at pseudonyms and initals anyway, so I never engaged those techniques in my writing. So I name where I work and I'm honest about the situation there: the food is fantastic but management is still working out its kinks.

The other reason I'm nervous about people finding me this way is that no one on the island but Jeff knows that I write this blog. That gives me the freedom to be accurate. The blog is more about me than it is about the island and to be true to myself, I need local anonymity.

So, if you are visiting the island soon and have read my blog (this is not just fancy on my part, I swear) please don't mention this blog to anyone. I would have to stop writing it if my friends and acquaintances here started reading it. That would be sad. Come see me at Shearwater or the Doe Bay Cafe and it will be fun to meet you. However, please let me keep this little conceit. Gossip is the national pasttime of the island and I'd rather not be a casualty of that game.