Saturday, June 18, 2005

Coco Rico

I was, in fact, awoken by a rooster this morning. Let me tell you, the majestic cartoon rooster on the Kellogg's box only crows once. This rooster just keeps on crowing, even after the sun is up.

I have yet to decide whether I regret leaving the stinky trailer.

So, although the first milestone is moving out, the second milestone is moving in. I have only just accomplished this. For some reason, I've been working like a demon and have not had time to set up the nest in the new home. I've been living out of my backpack and whatever little odds and ends that I've left at Jeff's house. So, after last night, I now have a bathroom to get ready in with all of the necessary unguents for starting the day. I also have an array of clothes accessible by genre (T-shirts, girl-shirts, pants, sweaters, hoodies, etc.) The bed is made and the alarm clock (unnecessary) is plugged in and set. Melvin the Frog is guarding the place. The craft supplies, which are legion, are stored on the top shelf of the gigantic closet. The computer and its speakers and sub-woofer are ready to go and broken in with the best of Ray Charles. The books and miscellania are still in boxes, though.

One might ask, why did this take me so long? I worked a double shift Wednesday, worked a single shift Thursday but fell asleep at 8:00 that night because of the previous double shift and so could not get to Mindy's before Friday night. Also, the restaurant that I wait tables for is on the opposite side of the island from Mindy's house. The island is shaped like a horseshoe, so that actually involves some time to get from one side to the other. However, we are stuck in a relative distance mind-set here. To get to my restaurant from town in 25 minutes. Yet, every single local will describe it as "really far" and will take that into consideration before choosing my restaurant over ones in town. Since there is no traffic, the distance covered is considerable. However, 25 minutes? Really far? Come on people. I used to drive that to go to work every morning in the suburbs. It takes that long to find parking on the North side. However, this also delights me about the island. Think of it. The community values the active use of time in deeds that are actually worthwhile. So 25 minutes in the car is not seen as a regrettable means to an end but as an actual waste of time that can better be spent elsewhere. But, once they do make that choice, then there's no stress involved in the commute. Once you've increased the commute from 5 minutes, little things like deer in the road, stopping to watch an eagle and hitchhikers to be picked up are simply part of the journey.

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