Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fashion Don't

Today I gave into peer pressure and wore one of the dominant island fashions. I'm not happy with myself. I had planned to wear my light blue, knee-length courderoy skirt, a light blue heather shirt, black cardigan hoodie and my new Chaco sandals that I'm in love with. However, I'm in the process of moving, so when I woke up cold this morning, I did not have a lot of options that would still allow me to get to work on time. I did, however, have a pair of black, terry cloth, boot-cut workout pants that were easily accessible. So, I put on the workout pants UNDER my skirt.

So, I am currently wearing both pants and a skirt. This is not unusual for the island. Leggings and skirts are common. Leggings and shorts are even more common. (I think it comes from the number of kayakers and outdoorsy types on the island. They want to be ready for outdoor recreation at all times.) I don't like the look on me, though. I feel like I look disjointed. It doesn't help that my skin is blotchy and my nose is red from allergies. It's possible that I wouldn't have liked the outfit even without the pants. In long examinations in the store mirror, I've determined that the skirt, when forced out by the waistband of the pants, makes my tummy look big in a matronly way, rather than in a cutie Pulp-fiction-pot-belly way. Since the skirt has that much room to begin with, it's likely to have done that even without the pants. Also, I'm wearing a bra with padding since it's the only one I could find, so my top looks too rounded and chunky. It's all in all a bad-looking, bloated kind of day.

Jeff's sister Amy and her husband Reece are coming today. Of course. Jeff said I looked good. He's nice like that.

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