Monday, March 21, 2005

I've got a big case of the blahs right now. I got a burst of errands run this morning before I even showered. Looked like shit. Realized that $8.00 is missing since Friday when I got paid. When one lives on $54 a week, 15% is a lot. The bookstore lady still hasn't gotten me a W-2 from last year. Just because she doesn't pay her taxes because her life is hard doesn't mean I'm not going to pay mine! It drives me crazy! Then, I showered and ate and had no desire to do anything. Laid down and stared at the wall for awhile. Just when I decided to fall asleep for a little bit, the neighbor began playing music and all I could hear was the bass. Bad enough when it is African-based music but worse when it's just bad hair metal bass lines. I've had a low-grade headache for days. Had to pull out of my almost-asleep state to turn on music of my own. Fell asleep for probably 20 minutes and then the phone rang. Now I'm up so I pop in a movie and sit down to work on my quilt. Turns out that the strip that I spent an hour seam-ripping was the wrong strip so I'll have to sew it back AND rip out the right seam. Caught in the despair of that, I got up and ate a failed cupcake (really - failed; I won't serve them to anyone) and read another chapter of my giant Neal Stephenson book. Some chapters are funny and delightful. Other chapters are huge political machination and rediculously detailed description of 18th century London in focus. Unfortunately, this was one of them. No help. Figured I'd see what the computer had to offer. Susan left a nice response, so that helped. Have felt trapped in that blogmire until now. Felt like there was no way to come out of it looking good. That's the day in a nutshell. Lots needs to be done. Not much is getting done. Head hurts. Motivation hiding. I think I'll try the quilt again. I have an Angel DVD that needs watching. Netflix: they just keep coming. It's fifth season, so has actually regained some of the witty dialogue that got me hooked into that world in the first place.

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