Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Farm fresh

If anyone has an old digital camera that they have upgraded from that they want to loan to me, I’ve realized that I’d like one. My parents are coming out here at the end of the month and could easily transport it. Let me know.

I’ve recently realized that there are a lot of things and scenes that I would like to record both for you all in the home audience and for my own sense of history. Specifically, yesterday Rhonda gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs. They look so neat because half are brown and the other half is almost robin’s egg blue. Very picturesque with some of the chicken shit still clinging to them. (If I had a digi camera, I’d share but the cost of putting it on film and the time it would take to accumulate a whole roll of images is prohibitive.) We went out to the barn together and collected them. Only one hen was on her nest and squawked a little but she didn’t even bite. It’s weird how tentative and awe-struck I’ve been by wild animals out here. I’m used to squirrels and birds, but yesterday I went to talk to the lone cow at Lone Cow Farm and when she licked me, I jumped back. I should start carrying carrots in my pockets when I go out to the farm. Sheep are the most alien-looking animals that I’ve come across so far. Their eyes are crazy. Their pupils are lines like cats, but they cross the width of the eye, rather than the height. I’m fairly positive that masks an intelligence heretofore unimagined.

So, if you’ve got one laying around, I have any number of books with which to barter and then we all can have farm fresh images all the time. :-)

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