Monday, March 07, 2005

I had to wear tights and a black wool skirt!

Yesterday, we had a concert for the music education edowment fund for the schools here. I futzed all morning to do something with these layers that I'm growing out so that my hair looked half-way decent and formal, while still being out of my face so that I wouldn't be tempted to touch it. Visions of Dr. Whitecotton's pigeons that flew into the auditorium and crapped on the kids who maintained their formal poses was at the back of my head. (Dr. Whitecotton was my high school choir director.) It was a concert of all the island music groups and included the choral society, a jazz band, a community band and an island synfonium (sp?) as well as the middle school jazz band. Each group had 15 minutes and then we sang God Bless America with the community band and the audience. It was a neat little cross-section. Since they can't afford a band director, about 20 of the locals go to the school twice a week to work with whatever kids plays their instrument for one on one tutoring. So, the adult percussionist gives a private lesson to the two percussionists. The lady that plays the oboe practices with the girl that plays the oboe. How cool is that? Both that the adults are willing and that they live the type of lives where they can commit that type of time during the day. I love this community.

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