Monday, June 29, 2009


So, my little brother made the 350 pound security man with the very serious face laugh when he said, "Move along, people. No cause for alarm. There are not two large men on the floor at your feet."

Then, Jacob swore that Brent Albright denied the security man's offer of a hand up in preference for his own. I'm sure that Jacob could have pulled all 230 pounds of muscle up to a standing position all by himself but it was nice of the security man to step in. Claudio Castagnoli got up all by himself. Our trio's heartrates did not slow for at least an hour from having to stand up quickly and scurry out of the way from the two gigantic men flying in our general direction.

For any of you new to the blog, I am telling you stories about Ring of Honor, an indie professional wrestling league that comes to the Chicagoland area every two months or so. I go every time.

Just thought you'd like to know how my weekend was.

Also, did you think I was being sarcastic in my last wedding post when I said that I was doing the flowers for my friend's wedding?

Nope. Here they are in the car being transported. It's so neat to know that their wedding pictures from here until forever will have my creations in them. I have some thoughts from the wedding and will share them with you shortly but wanted to give you a quick update in the meantime.

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