Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shiny teeth and shiny soul

Yesterday, I went out to the suburbs to get my hair cut and to my teeth cleaned. I have had the same dentist my entire life and the women there have gotten to know me pretty well. I've had quite a few problems with my mouth, including knocking out my front tooth when I was 10 and riding a skate board. They've watched me grow up. My mom told me that they were very excited to hear about my wedding when she had been in there last.

So, I took a picture of Jacob to show them and the drawings of my wedding dress.

My mom was right. They WERE very excited. As Therese and I were talking, she pointed to me in the photo and said, "It's good to see this Rebecca again." Then, she talked a little bit about how hard it was to watch me after my ex-husband turned out to be "unfortunate." I cried right there in the dentist's office because her concern made me realize that these women love me. The dentist's assistants!

One of the reasons why it is important for societies to have ceremonies and traditions is that it gives people a chance to say things that the normal, everyday interactions of life do not allow for. I am grateful for it.


Dave said...

I think they purposefully hire amazingly genuine and caring dental assistants to offset the evil dentists of the world. My mom tells me that all of the assistants at my old office still ask about me as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes yes yes

There is so much more love out there than we all realise--we just need a chance to give it and receive it.