Sunday, April 05, 2009

Patchwork Swap

I recently participated in a patchwork swap organized by Linda Permann. Basically, people agree to raid their fabric stash for little pieces of fabric and then trade. Since I make charm quilts, this is perfect for me.

Also, you were supposed to make some sort of patchworky goodness. I used some of the hexagons that I'm working with to make a quilt for my brother Paul and his new wife and made what I think is a flower trivet. See, the brown loop is supposed to be the stem and the green ribbon is supposed to be the leaf.

I hand-stitched and hand-quilted it because I'm in that kind of mood while I'm on spring break.

Here's the stack of fabrics I sent my swap partner. Click here to see what she sent me. I'm pleased to have been introduced to her. The stuff she makes and posts on her blog are total eye-candy for me.


Christy said...

You've inspired me - I just spent an hour on the web getting introduced to quilting. I'll be purchasing my rotary cutter this week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, I meant to sent you an email to say that your package has arrived but I forgot. Oops... Well, it's here and I loved it. Thank you!

PrincessMax said...

Christy, I can't get the hang of the rotary cutter so it's totally not necessary. However, most people swear by them. I can't wait to see what you're working on.