Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is my cubicle at work. I have had several in the time that I've worked there since I keep getting bumped as the intern. Still, this one seems pretty permanent. So, I decided to bring in some artwork to make it my own.

We're not allowed to put up our own pictures so I had to wait for three corpulent union guys to come up with a cart full of wall-hanging paraphernalia to do it for me. I kid you not, this involved hammering nails directly into the plaster. Tough job. (I love unions and have been on strike before. But seriously? Aren't they tired of being a cliche?)

So, starting from the left, wiggling down and across to the right and then back to up, here are the pieces I have:
Transplanting by Laura Berger

Toprock2 by Ward Jenkins. (I bought the 8.5x11, scanned it in and printed out an inferior copy for my desk.)

She has not yet decided whether to use her powers for good or evil by Anne Taintor

We are in this garden together such a short time by Patience Brewster

Love Sonnets, 1894 by Marie Spartali Stillman

Yellow by Erin Tyner

On the left, on the front wall of my cube, you'll notice a sign that reads "Believe." This was a gift from my boss, who has now been called up to Washington DC as part of the Chicago Brain Drain. He said that our work would be useless unless we actually believed that urban kids could accomplish the same things as all other kids. To emphasize this point, we are constantly reminded with these signs everywhere. This is why I like working here more than anything else.


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amy said...

So I have been going back through your blog trying to find something that you said that i want to make a comment about in my blog, because it made me think and i just saw the image by Laura Berger that you posted and thought I should tell you that she is a fellow work study at Yoga Now and has a collection of work for sale at Hazel. Just thought I would let you know. See you friday! Have a good rest of the week