Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best Friends

There is a reason that Lorinda and I were drawn to each other 20 years ago.

A week or so ago, when she emptied out her pockets on the way out the door, she had a piece of broken pottery with a cool glaze, a pistachio, half of a clothespin and a blue bottle top.
Have I ever showed you my junk jars?

They're full of exactly that kind of treasure. (You can click on the pictures to see more detail.)

These are her beautiful boys.
We had a good day together at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. I held the small one's attention for a little while by showing him his own picture.
He'll break my heart one day, mark my words.


Anonymous said...

2 rocks, a dinosaur and an eraser (strawberry shaped) this morning.

My mom thinks the quilt ide is great. She wants to come over and ue my machine.


PrincessMax said...

Were you typing with a kid in your lap?

I'd LOVE to have a block from your mom. How cool.