Wednesday, January 23, 2008

only the Absolute Truth, if you please

Christy (one of my favorite readers because she comments) shared this anecdote with me in an email and then gave me permission to share it with you all.
Yesterday I had an interview for a job for a faith based poverty relief org, and it only lasted 10 minutes, because I couldn't say I believed in all the stuff in their bylaws about theology - including the "personhood of Satan" and the infallibility of the Bible. It was funny. I wish they had said something about that stuff before I showed up though! They actually asked if I was ok with the salary before the interview, but they didn't ask if I was a fundamentalist Christian.

The story makes me laugh because of the irony involved in the manifestation of the company's viewpoint. They understand capitalism and that different agents will have different demand curves for salary. However, they are so stuck in their own faith-system that it never occurs to them that someone might have a different set of beliefs than they do about how to be Christian .

Doesn't it make the truth that one has discovered stronger each time one considers an alternative and rejects it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca (It's Jhonathan Gómez)

I read your blog a few weeks ago and here I am again. I like it, it shows a little more of who you are (and for me, it's a good thing 'cause I don't know you much).

You know, I had a similar experience applying to my current job. The good news is that I am still there. I struggle with a few things in terms of Christianity but I like my job.

Take care now and keep blogging...


P.S. -Check out my little blog...

PrincessMax said...

Jhonathan! I've missed you! I took my whole family to the Mexican Museum and asked for you but you weren't there. It's good to know where I can find you on the web.