Thursday, January 03, 2008

Girl Power

Technologically helpless total girl no more!

My TV died just before Christmas and even though I sent out a plea to my people looking for an obsolete TV in a corner that had been replaced by a flat screen, I realized that my life was much more peaceful without it. My work was done with music as background noise instead of commercials and sit-coms.

However, the music came from my iTunes and either had to come out of my nasty laptop speakers or I was tethered to the a stool near the tuner.

So, last night, I went to the Mac store on Michigan avenue, saved $30 plus shipping automatically from the price quoted at the online store, got a student discount, paid the young man out in the store rather than waiting in line for a register, was emailed a receipt and took my AirPort Express home immediately. Instead of waiting for one of the men in my life to stop by to set it up for me, I read the directions all by myself and was entirely successful. I am now typing while sitting on my couch, listening to Booker T and the MGs out of my fancy Advent speakers and sub-woofer that I've held on to through so many moves over the years.

For a girl that knows next to nothing about acoustics, I've got a pretty sweet set-up.

And I did it myself.

Now, if one of those men would just stop by to help me move this gigantic TV down to the street.

See, they're still good for something.

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