Saturday, July 28, 2007

Test of Faith

This story of the religion reporter with the LA Times is worth the time it takes to read it. What a haunting testimony. I think it's going to have to sit with me for awhile while I let it filter through. I always say that it's human nature to call out those who have betrayed us to our friends and to the public: the guy who took "our" seat on the bus, the husband who cheated, the president who lied. So, the logic goes that if God betrays people's faith, we should have several high profile stories of folks who give their lives over to him and realize it was a mistake years later. Since those stories are not prominant, we can be more comfortable in making the commitment to turn our lives over to him. The author of this piece is not quite crying out betrayal, but his story gives me pause.

Probably, if we had assurances that all would be well, it wouldn't be a choice worth making.

Thanks to Scot McKnight for pointing me in that direction.

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