Monday, July 02, 2007

I fell weird calling it Joberg

I'm in the Johannesburg airport in Chicago with free internet access since several of my fellow travelers have fancy travel lounge memberships and we bum-rushed the door behind them.

Good news, Doug! Your book is in the book store here! How's that for globalization?

My trip was huge. I'm plotting out several essays that I'll post here as I get them written. I'm not sure if I can confirm or deny that it was the kick in the pants that I've been looking for until the experience is juxtaposed on my everyday life once I get back. I'll let you know.

Mom and Dad, I look forward to seeing you at the airport. I developed one of my swollen-right-eye head colds last night, so I might hang out at your house until I recover, if that's OK with you. Nothing is worse than getting off 30 hours of traveling and going home to a messy, empty apartment with no food when your sick. However, on the bright side, I'll have a whole suitcase less to clutter up the car than I did when I left.

Yup, that's right folks, I've been wearing the same two pairs of underwear for my entire trip. Woohoo!

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