Monday, July 09, 2007


So, pretend you are a 14-year-old American girl with Mexican parents who is about to turn 15.

What do you want for your birthday?

I have been invited to what will probably be a modest quinceanera (something like a sweet sixteen or debutante party) in a church basement by one of my co-workers. I think he will be embarassed if I bring cash in the amount that I would normally bring to cover the expenses of entertaining myself and my date. So, I think I need to buy an actual gift.

But it has to be perfectly what a 15-year-old girl would want. Any thought on how to make a teenager happy with $50 - $75?


Mike Clawson said...

Could you get away with a gift card to BestBuy, Borders, or some clothing store so she can get whatever she likes? said...

Hi PrincessMax,

I came upon your question and was curious as to what some good advice would be as well. So I spent some time online's what I found.

Most people in forums related to this question said that a financial gift, like a gift card, was a-ok. It's safe and she'll love it.

There were other suggestions like jewelry and more personal items but I am not sure if that's the route you want to go.

I'd go with the gift card.


Dave said...

you could always make a donation in her name to a reputable organization or cause, such as the "help dave fix the A/C in his car fund" or the "help dave pay for grad school fund."

...or you could just build her a cake.

PrincessMax said...

Thanks for the helpful hints, folks. Except you, Dave. Those were not helpful. However, they made me laugh. Are those 501c3 organizations?

I guess I'd actually like to be the cool person who gives a cool gift. I've always liked receiving things that people picked out more than I like receiving gift cards. But I have been made to understand that occasionally my perspective on the world is a little different from others', even as a teenager.

It turns out that Beth might see the world a little differently, as well. I've been talking with her aunt, and it appears that she is breaking from traditional aesthetics by having her damas wear green converse with their ball gowns and actually wanted those gowns to be camoflage. Her parents put their foot down about that, though.

I would love to encourage this kind of behavior with a cool gift. So, those of you that know teenagers, what do you think? I can do an object AND a gift card, if necessary.