Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nice ass

As of today, I was able to drag myself off the couch and go to work.

This evening, I should be studying for my mid-term exam that is tomorrow night, since I didn't go to class yesterday and didn't study at all while I was sick.

However, as I was slipping into something a little more comfortable in order to achieve the ideal studying mindset, I remembered a conversation that I had this afternoon that I had with a friend and blog reader. He reminded me that in this post I had defiantly stated that anyone who didn't believe that I had a nice ass could just ask and I would send them a picture. Well, he called my bluff on that one AND told me that I couldn't just send a picture in my jeans. Since he is married, however, I'm not sending it in an email for his wife to find but rather, I'm putting the pictures on the internet so she knows that he's not anyone special to me in THAT WAY. You're all special to me!

So, here is a picture of my ass clad only in my underwear.

My long underwear.

Which is full of holes.

It is, very literally, a raggedy-ass.

I think it's hilarious but I have an odd sense of humor.

Especially because I just recently learned that one of my father's closest friends, who is also a man I go to for spiritual and workplace advice, reads my blog regularly. Hi RS!

I don't really think this will change his opinion of me.

I hope.


Blank said...

Well, you called my bluff in a very creative way, but dear God!

The saggy long johns makes it seem like you have the ass of a ninety-year old woman.

That image is now forever burned on my brain.

PrincessMax said...

How do you know what the backsides of 90-year-old women look like?

By the way, I think you win the award for fastest-comment-ever. Say it in the Comic Book Guy voice and it's funny.

Futureman said...



Scooter said... that wrong. I saw the video about the shooting beer fridge, btw. I just saw so many links to it from friends and other blogs that I figured it was pretty well covered. Besides, I prefer the old fashioned way to have beer delivered, I send my daughter to fetch a bottle.