Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I love working in Christian non-profits!

Someone just donated a whole catered lunch to our staff from MacArthur's, the best soul food on the west side, maybe in the entire city of Chicago. So, I am currently stuffed with green beans, macaroni and cheese, corn muffins and fried chicken and fighting off sleep.

I ate half the peach cobbler and am saving the other half for later. We're in the business of creating hope around here. Half a serving of peach cobbler is as much hope as I need to get through this day.


Anonymous said...

Your mother and I would like to see more blogs like this and not pictures of you in your underwear. But what do your parents know about anything.
Love, the dad

PrincessMax said...

You're just jealous that you didn't get any MacArthur's.

If you didn't want your children to be comfortable letting the world see them in their underwear, you shouldn't have let Daniel run around naked so much when he was a little kid.