Monday, January 16, 2006

Oooh, how ARE you?

I had an odd experience at church yesterday.

I knew a ton of people.

How is this possible? I just moved here. I'm a little anti-social, especially at this church. I've been stuck in the apartment, socially paralysed and watching West Wing.

But here is a list of the people I hugged: Karen, a volunteer from work who is teaching me to be angry like a black woman (it involves some neck swiveling); Princess, another woman from work who was just hired as a pastor of the church; Vanessa, the woman from work who first recommended this church to me; Amber, another woman from work and her husband; the pastor that I went out to dinner with at the beginning of the week; the music minister that I also spent time with earlier in the week; Angela, a girl that I saw all the time as a kid because our parents are friends; and her brother Andrew. That's 9 people! There were only 12 people total in my last church. I've been to this church four times and already I can say "Hi" to 9 people?

Now, I think all those women from work were there because it was a big day for Princess. But that still leaves 4 people who normally go to this church who I knew well enough to spend some time standing around and chit-chatting. Weird.

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