Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'm such a dork.

I'm in Washington right now at the headquarters of my company for some training. I'm doing new employee orientation so I'm with a lot of different people who have jobs doing everything from payroll to tech support to advocacy in Washington DC. So, they do informational overviews of the main projects in all sectors of the company.

My dad used to run a program that was affiliated with the company that I work for. They know this in the location where I work and I get some street cred for this but nobody really knows him in headquarters, so I get no special treatment for having a cool dad.

However, we were watching a short video on the program that I work with and while my site was being featured, lo and behold, there was my dad! In the movie!

Here's the part where I'm a big dork:

I was so excited that I yelped, "Hey, that's my dad!"

Then, I clapped my hands in excitement.

Big dork.

If that weren't bad enough, the camera panned him again a little while later and when he made a goofy face at the camera, everyone in the room knew that he was my dad.

That didn't stop me from clapping my hands in flurried excitement yet again.

The presenter gave me a copy of the tape to take home with me.

Big dork.

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Susan said...

You are a dork, and I completely identify.

I laughed out loud in the computer lab at school, and had to share this story, "with the whole class."

The whole class is just my friend, Jauna, who I study with.

I'm a dork too.