Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

I'm not sure why I continue to give you all such deeply private information that you can one day use to incriminate me but for some reason, I do.

While I was on Orcas, my friend Harreld and I were talking about my deepest desires. I discovered that I'm a lot more transparent than I thought I was.

Apparently, Harreld was trying to explain the Society for Creative Anachronism to our mutual friend, Gabe. He was struggling to describe the tournaments of men in cardboard armor wrapped in duct tape, the kingdoms with their complex rules, and the fictional heraldry. Gabe just wasn't getting it.

So, he asked, "Is it something Rebecca would like?"


To this, Harreld responded, "No."

See, Harreld's a true friend.

Then, he finished his statement, "But I can see why you would think so."


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