Friday, October 21, 2005

A student of mine from my first year of teaching is missing. Her name is Olamide Adeyooye. Today as I ate my breakfast, I found this article on my parents' counter sitting on top of the rest of the paper.

My heart is heavy and all I can do is ask people to pray for her and her family. I think I would feel this way for any student of mine, but she was particularly sweet and hard-working in a year of kids that felt totally out of my control and/or influence and was, therefore, a balm to me. I pronounced her name Oh-lahm-i-day with the accent on the second syllable and it always made her smile and tell me that she liked the way I pronounced her name. When I protested that she should correct me, she would laugh, shake her head and tell me I was close enough. I include that because I always feel better when I know how to tell God someone's name with confidence.


PrincessMax said...

Olamide was found and it was as bad as anyone imagined. The article can be found here. Please continue praying for her family.

Joe said...
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