Friday, October 28, 2005

On The Road Again

This morning, I'm going to West Virginia with my dad. We'll be home tomorrow evening. He's going for an event with one of his affiliates and asked me if I wanted to go along. We fly into Pittsburg and then drive about two hours south to get there.

When Dad first asked me if I wanted to go, I told him no. I thought about having just arrived in Chicago and interrupting my assimilation process to go, I thought about the fact that Jeff would still be in Illinois and going would mean missing two of my last days with him, I thought that basically there wasn't much in the trip for me to make the effort.

And then I realized that I was a grown-up.

Dad hadn't asked me to go because of what I would get out of it. He'd asked me to go because of what he would get out of it: my company. How boring it must be for him to make all the effort of arriving at the airport earlier than the flight, sitting on the plane for two hours (always physically stressful for Murphys), wrangling to get a rental car, driving for another two hours and getting dinner and a hotel room just for one little dedication. Or, he could do all of that with his daughter who, for some reason, shares similar interests (except for watching sports on TV) and a similar temprament.

So, I stepped up to the plate and said that I'd like to go. It's time to start paying him back for the sacrifices that he's made through my 28 years. Plus, I'll have a pretty good time while I'm at it.

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