Thursday, October 20, 2005


Jeff and I rolled into town around 8:00 last night after a great time at Barterfaire and a really good drive across the country. We made good time without exhausting ourselves and were able to take scenic bypasses of the highway and to stop at sights that interested us. I only freaked out that I "just wanted to go home" a couple of times and Jeff responded valiantly and the trip was better because he did. The dog slept with me like I'd never left and she'd never formed different affections and patterns. I know this will never happen again but it felt good last night.

I'll post again soon after I shower and unload the stuff and get my next few days settled. However, if you haven't gotten an invitation to the "Back from Where the Wild Things Are" party and you'll be in Chicagoland on the 30th of this month, email me (look on the left-hand side of the blog for a link) and I'll send you the info.

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