Monday, October 10, 2005

Liminal means in-between and pivotal

I have begun several posts that describe various aspects of island life that I haven't yet described to you, folk of the mainland. However, I hate moving (have I said that before?) and I'm a little moody right now (sorry, Jeff) so I get halfway through and lose all interest in being interesting. I'll finish them at some point, but goodness, they would be boring if I finished them right now.

So, for your entertainment, I am providing several links to sites that describe Barterfaire. When I first moved here, Rhonda said that it sometimes seemed like we didn't really have a fall season on the island. We have summer and then at some point, everyone startes asking everyone else if they're going to Barterfaire. Then, once everyone gets back, it's winter.

So, I'm going to Barterfaire, even though if Jeff were ready, I'd pack up the car tonight and be gone on the first ferry tomorrow to get home. I hate this transition stage. I know, I know, liminal stages are absolutely necessary for interesting stories, but nobody ever really likes meeting the Weird sisters at the crossroads. Interesting stories are full of blood and rarely contentment.

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