Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yoga dreams

At the end of my yoga class on Sunday, we lay on our backs for realxation with our blankets pulled up over our shoulders. Since I was warm and supine, as I focused on my breathing I fell into a light sleep. You know, the after-the-alarm-clock-first-rings-but-before-the-snooze-goes-off type of dreaming. So, in the dream, my heart feels like it is exploding in slow motion with hurt. My subconscience formed the words to ask God to help me let go of it and the pain floated away from me like a helium balloon released.

I'm not generally that literal in my beliefs about prayer. I usually believe that by putting ourselves in a supplicating role through prayer, we stop blocking sub-consciously the body's near-miraculous ability to heal itself, and that includes the brain chemicals that create our emotions. However, it was my sub-conscious asking in this situation. That throws my whole theory out of whack because I know that it worked. The hurt was from a specific wound that hadd been dealt to me during my divorce either from my husband or his best friend. I had been worrying it around like a loose tooth for days but now, I have NO IDEA what was bothering me. God took it took the memory of the pain and indignity like the bad corporation in a science fiction movie took memories from Arnold Scwartzenegger.

I love this world.


msby96ypnp said...
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Anonymous said...

Apparently your grandmother was correct -- prayer does work. :)
Love, dad