Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Farmer's Market Gal

Here's a picture of me at the Farmer's Market, courtesy of Jeff's dad. I've written about the Farmer's Market here.

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I started wearing the hat one weekend when I was tired and cranky and didn't want to drink a Coca-Cola first thing in the morning, even though I probably could have used the caffeine boost. So, I wore something flamboyant that I knew people would tell me that they liked, even if they didn't, just because it was so big. I figured that kind of energy would get me through the day. I has a matching bag and sarong, as well, so I'm occasionally told that I'm fabulous. I wear it about every other weekend because it keeps the sun off my poor Irish skin very well. I'm glad that Jeff's dad has recorded it.

This is a close-up of the creative re-use that I sell. The little colored bits in the bottles are words that I have collected in my experience that are wrapped up in bright string. Some are quotes, some are passages from books, some are things people say to me, some are poems. They're actually pretty hot sellers, especially since I'm wrapping new ones while I sit there and give them away for free just for fun.
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Mostly, I use the creative re-use as bait to pull people over to my booth, where I then ask them if they've been to the Exchange while they're fingering the goods. They say, "No, what's the Exchange?" "Well, I'm glad you asked. The Exchange is our community's attempt pull usable items out of the waste stream and make them available for re-use. So, it's two acres of salvaged stuff which is just really neat." Then, they usually ask where it is and I tell them it's a great way to experience a little local color. I've got the spiel down pat. Since a good part of our tourist population is Seattle and Portland hipsters, you know, the ReadyMade crowd, they tend to be pretty into it.

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