Saturday, August 27, 2005

Barter Economy

This community is a phenomenal one for barter. I was at the office supply store at the beginning of the week (finally) making copies of my quotes. The lady at the copy shop liked the idea so much that she commissioned 200 of them to take to three different quilting retreats. Apparently, people have begun bringing little presents for the other women. So, as she was totalling up my copies, she said, "How about we just trade for these?" So, instead of paying her, I walked out with free copies and 6.50 in cash. Woohoo! So, I spent the cash on new string and a little notebook at one of the new giftshops called Magpie. While I was in there, I spoke with the owner because it seems like her stock is the same personality as what I make. She said to come by at the end of the Farmer's Market season about selling the bottles on commission out of her shop. She didn't make any promises, but it certainly seems promising. This is a good place to be an artist.

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