Thursday, August 11, 2005

Open Mic

Mariah is the epitome of middle-aged-clasic-rock-motorcycle-chick, right down to the smoky voice (although she has some unexpected, delightful spiritual layers once you get to know her).

I do not think that I will ever live in another place where a woman like Mariah can get up to the stool at open mic night and start off her set with a traditional native American flute, playing some new-agey sounding song that a massage therapist might have playing softly in the background during a session, and then follow that up by pulling out her guitar while saying, "This next song is by Emerson, Lake and Palmer . . ." and be received well by an appreciative audience. I just can't believe that a bar in Chicago would sit through that with a straight face. Hell, even I liked her set, as goofy as it's content was. She played well and with passion. She communicated with the audience through eye contact, body language and sincere, confident tone of voice. Who says that she has to be edgy or hip in order to be good? Up to this point, although I would not have said it in so many words, that would have been part of my criteria. In order to be a good performer, my you first have to be cool. The audience at open mic at Doe Bay Cafe on Wednesday nights is teaching me otherwise.

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