Tuesday, September 01, 2009


It's been a roller coaster day. I had a little show-down with the ED, which sucked. Then, I tried on my dress to get it fitted one last time and we took another inch and a half off the hips, which was cool on two levels. Then, I got a free gyro to celebrate Free Gyros Day, which was awesome. I sat in a park on a mid-seventies day with my back to the traffic and my face in the sun and just read for an hour, which was soothing. I racked my brain for a chuppah solution and finally decided to spend the money on buying one, which took a load off. I've need a nap for the last two hours, but every time I try to close my eyes, my brain won't stop problem-solving, which sucks.

But this made me laugh for the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity.

Call me immature if you must, but I laughed. Today. I laughed. There's blessing there.


Jessica Young said...

Some days, only the crassest comedy will scratch the itch, you know?
I'm sorry your attempts to resolve this problem have been a stress to you, and that the problem even existed in the first place. Shit.

amy said...

sometimes it is a laugh at something really random that makes all the difference. i am notorious for being really grumpy and then bursting out hysterically uncontrollably laughing at some really little thing that isn't even funny. but then i feel better afterward. So glad you had that laugh today. and i am home now so if you need a buddy to sit and read with or make you a cuppa call me. and i will see you Saturday.

Jake and Jess said...

as i'm dying laughing, jake, in a stern voice look at me and shares, "You laugh because it's not your testicles." possibly true. :)

Al said...

Love the video!! Needed to see that tonight.

Looks like you have good friends who have some solutions to your chuppah chuppah of burning love.


The good news you might be able to sell your chuppah poles to a new and/or unaffiliated rabbi: "Have chuppah, will travel."

Another idea or two: put a notice up on the synagogue bulletin board offering it to couples at a rate lower than what the synagogue is charging [free?] or give them to the synagogue as donation so this doesn't happen to someone else.

Sending you calming energy....