Thursday, September 24, 2009

IKEA madness!

So, I'm supposed to be looking for a job (and I am) but I'm also nesting something fierce. Now that I don't need to be planning a wedding, I can start thinking about this space that Jacob and I inhabit. I can start eliminating the stress that is created by having to step over things and having to shove them together in a jumble.

Also, we got a lot of presents and I need a place to put them.

So, this is what the corner of the kitchen looked like this morning.

Then, I spent seriously 3 hours in IKEA today, basking in the capitalist, materialistic, whimsical wonder of it all. I promise you that I said no to just as many things that I knew that I "needed" than I said yes to. I feel OK about that. So, here is that corner of the kitchen now.

I never take for granted the ability to simply solve a problem by throwing money at it. It is a blessing.


Anonymous said...

I think that stool from the wedding was just where I left it two weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Oh is that my beloved Ivar! I think it is! We just bought a new shelf for ours this week. Love that thing. I painted mine yellow.

Jessica Young said...

Sigh. I just love IKEA. I know, with the bad construction and the bad for the planet and all, but I'm a simple girl. The part of me that likes bright colors and tidy piles and straight lines and austere Swedish decor is in heaven whenever I visit that store. Way to organize.