Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This made me laugh very hard.

Both the music minister who treated me so hurtfully and the 33-year-old boyfriend who admitted later he was actually 38 and then had the nerve to break up with me by not returning my phone calls I was making to ask when the flight was leaving for the trip he mischievously asked me to let him surprise me with. Both have attempted to friend me on Facebook. Although I sent a message to both to give reconciliation a chance, their responses were so deficient that I quickly hit "ignore." Kudos to the men who have broken my heart and kept far away from my profile.

Thanks to Breakup Girl for the video.


ABG said...

D and I are laughing so hard our kids are confused--what's so funny, Mama?

Thanks for a good laugh, R.

cory said...

this is outstanding! thanks for posting!