Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Isis Rising

So, one of my closest friends has started a blog with a purpose. She is trying to explore race, gender, culture and identity: all topics that are not strange to the readers of this blog.

She writes:

If you're anything like me, when you start something new, you want to shield it from the world, hold it close to your chest away from prying eyes, and whisper to it gently until you think it can take the real world. But it occurs to me that if I keep doing it, my project is never going to grow.
. . .
The blog is both a launch and sounding pad, and also hopefully a focal point for other people who are interested in participating in what I'm putting down.
. . .
But enough shadow and whispering; it's time for this thing to see the light of the world now. So take a look; and be in touch.

She calls the blog Isis Rising and you can follow that link to find it.

I've looked around some and think it's totally worth your time. Bookmark it or add it to your reader. You won't be disappointed.

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ABG said...

Again, my comments sound like a boring gong of repetition, but thank you! I'm in love with this writer already and have devoured her blog while my boys were napping. I sent the link on to my pastor; she and I have been having a hot blog conversation with a young man who is very "pro-Eldredge" and making us both gag. She wrote back to me after reading Isis Rising "Who is this young woman? Send link to stupid young man!" :)