Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Live In A Duplex

A few months ago, Jacob and I posed for one of the artists at church. She took hundreds of pictures of us individually as the person "off-stage" entertained the one being photographed. She approached us to do this because she said we had interesting faces.

She has a series of portraits called "I Live In a Duplex" where she paints two heads on the same canvas and lets the viewer draw conclusions about what the relationship is. Her name is Virginia Broersma and she is both super-cool and a really talented artist. You can check her out here.

We've seen her at church a lot but haven't talked much about what became of our sitting.

So, how much fun was it to show up at church to set up for our first baby shower and to see my giant head on the wall.

I don't know who dude is with me. Draw your own conclusions. :-) Investigation on her site reveals that it is entitled "Grasp".

Further investigation reveals that Jacob has been included, as well, although she didn't hang it at church. You can see it here.

Have I mentioned how much I love that my church is full of artists? I should also mention that it was hard to concentrate during our Leadership Co-op meeting because I kept looking at myself.

God works in odd ways.


Emily DeWan Photography said...

What a cool project! Love it.

Anonymous said...

That painting is AMAZING! Congratulations on being immortalized!