Sunday, July 26, 2009

Erika's wedding quilt

When I asked Erika for an important piece of text, she sent me a copy of a note Brian had given her. It was short and sweet and so I emailed Brian and asked him for a note from Erika that was special to him. They were a perfect match of texts, both expressing delight in the high quality of the time spent together so far and looking forward to all of the time they would get together in the future.

I used strips of orange fabric from a kit I bought from trinasdoings on etsy. Look at those cool dogs she sent me! I printed the text in shades of blue and pulled some other blue fabric out of my stash.

Erika has joined Brian in his enthusiasm for the University of Illinois football and they tailgate often. I figured the color combination would be useful.

I love making these and, rationally, I should take a little break. Actually, I told Tabitha she'd get hers by her anniversary. It would have been too much to get that done and to graduate on time. Last night, Jacob and I totaled out the number of weddings we have attended this year. So far, we had my brothers' wedding in January when I was both the sister of the groom and a bridesmaid, his friends' Jewish wedding in Michigan, my cousin's wedding in Florida, Tabitha's wedding where I made the flowers, and Erika's wedding where I was a bridesmaid. None of these were 6-hour commitments. All required either travel or work. And I have loved it. But I'm a little exhausted and looking forward to a little break until my own wedding. After that, we've got two more to attend in October. That makes 8 total for the year, including ours.


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