Sunday, May 24, 2009

My beloved

I told you that I'm beginning to like my new neighborhood. This is my beloved on a recent trip to one of the local Asian markets to find umeboshi vinegar to make this grain salad. I love this picture for three reasons. One is the juxtaposition of Jacob's Burberry pants (gifted to him by my brother since he would be able to wear them without a touch of irony) with the Asian signs and inscrutable foodstuffs.
The other two reasons to love this picture is the look on his face as he's trying to scrute the labels and, well, the Burberry pants. What started as a joke of me encouraging him to wear them turned into me being very . . . admiring.
I think that boy can make just about anything look good. Back off, ladies. I saw him first.


Ti Christophe said...

is he on his way to a game of golf after that? ;^)

ABG said...

You are one besotted woman.

DEFINITELY a good idea to get married!!! :)