Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Battle at Kruger

On my first trip to Orcas Island, I was in a kayak close to the shore and I saw a heron take off from the beach with a writhing snake in its talons. Fantastic profile against the sun. Then, an eagle swooped down out of nowhere and stole the snake from the heron.

Serious Wild Kingdom shit.

When I was in Africa, our last two days were spent in a giant game reserve and we went on several safari drives. We saw giraffe, hippos, warthogs, and elephants with gigantic penises. However, we had to settle for lion scat since the lions were nowhere to be seen.

The other night some friends were talking about great Youtube videos and we ended up watching the Christian the Lion video. It's OK. I wanted to show this one, but couldn't find it that night.

It is absolutely worth eight and a half minutes of your time.

It puts all of my animal-watching experiences to shame.

It puts everyone's animal watching experiences to shame, even professional Discovery Channel cinematographers.

It's like a Disney movie writ large.

My favorite parts are listening to the tourists in the background as they foreshadow what happens before the guy can move the camera to show it to us and, well, all of it.