Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things White People Like

***If you found this post through a Google search, consider reading the follow-up post here.***

Seriously. I can't handle it anymore. I'm about to burst without someone to share this with. I also just read about 10 posts and can't handle anymore. This is the funniest web site I have ever seen.

Check out this recent post:

Dave, don't even fantasie that you're going to get anything else done for the rest of the day.


Erika Haub said...

THANK YOU. This site is killing me. I only got as far as the water post and I had to come back and give you my appreciation for the link.

Dave said...

oh believe me, I saw this weeks ago and about died. an entire day.. GONE.

(my favorite changes, but right now it's "threatening to move to canada)

Christy said...

Ack! I discovered this on last night! I love the part on hip-hop that white people like.

I started a blog this AM., I think.

Ali BG said...

Ditto on the funniest website...thank you for a completely GONE prep period...

Mike Clawson said...

I'm wondering what it says about me that I don't really get most of this list. Is it that I've never lived in very diverse places or had many non-white friends, thus I don't know what it's like to view white people from their perspective? Or is it that I don't have much experience with the kind of white-culture that this blog is lampooning? It seems sort of yuppie specific.

Anyway, I can appreciate why others find this blog, I'm just mystified as to why I personally don't find it funny. I suddenly feel very sheltered. ;)

PrincessMax said...

Interesting thoughts, Mike. Thanks for the vulnerability.

Erika lives in South Central LA. Dave attends a church that is attempting racial reconciliation as a major pillar of their life together. Christy and Ali both grew up in white bread Glen Ellyn, same as me, but I only know a little of their stories since then. However, the three of us are cut from the same cloth, so I can imagine their passion for social justice issues might have led them to laugh at themselves in recognition of the "enlightened" and politically correct upper-middle class white person depicted.

I wouldn't think of you as sheltered. Maybe . . . special.

JK :-)

Mike Clawson said...

I know I'm late getting back to this, but as I think about it, I think I don't find that blog funny simply because I've never really been a part of that sub-segment of white society - what you called ""enlightened" and politically correct upper-middle class". I grew up in a northern red-neck, rural poor and lower middle class culture (though I was mostly in it but not of it - having moved from the blue-collar neighborhoods of Toledo, OH when I was 11) and moved to the upper-middle class but still very conservative and not very politically correct suburbs (though never really self-identified with that subculture either).

At any rate, satire usually only works on someone when they have some familiarity with what is being lampooned. Since I'm not that familiar with the culture this site makes fun of, I suppose that's why it doesn't really make me chuckle very much.

Maybe I'll blog some more about this on my site.