Monday, February 18, 2008

A little social honesty

I seriously just sent this email:
Hi --------,

I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your party on Saturday, especially since you made such a specific effort to speak to me about it. That made me feel good that you wanted me there. I hear it was a pretty good time. I want to be honest with you so you know I wasn't just blowing you off. I'm stretched a little emotionally thin right now, so I used the fact that I didn't get a follow-up email from you as an excuse to stay home and take care of myself. I watched three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while working on a quilt that I'm making and then went to bed.

I hope you'll invite me again. A big part of me was excited about making my mom's spinach casserole dip thing and sharing it with people. It just wasn't as big as the part of me that just couldn't leave the house. :-)

Just trying a little social honesty,

I had realized that I was making up all sorts of ways to explain to her that made me look good and possibly made her look a little bad for not figuring out how to send emails to groups of people (which was what happened). I realized that wasn't very loving nor would my gaze be unveiled in doing that. So, this was the solution. Ideally, I would have just said it to her instead of hiding behind email, but we're taking baby steps here.

I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass by being misunderstood. What would you think if you got this email from someone?


Score one for forthrightness!

Here's her response:
don't fret, my pet- there will always be a next time and you
will certainly be invited.

I feel you on the 'emotional trainwreck' action- i'm right
there as well... I even missed speed-dating on friday
because i'm literally going crazy. thank GOD for zanex!

I hope that you're better now that f'ing midterms are over-
talk about being raked over the coals!
I think I might get along very well with this woman.


Ali BG said...

I do the same thing and have rarely had the courage to be so honest. I LOVE IT. I may actually try it.

Mike Clawson said...

That's awesome Rebecca! Good on ya! I'm glad it worked out.