Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Go Gordon Brown!

Wow! Read the sentence below out loud. Gordon Brown is speaking to faith groups and NGOs at his visit to the UN.

Imagine what more you can accomplish if the energy to oppose and expose harnessed to the energy to propose and inspire is given more support by the rest of us—businesses, citizens, and governments.

You gotta love a man with good rhetoric. That he has good content makes me want to just kiss his ugly little mug.

Thanks to Jim Wallis for pointing the speech out to me.

I've been at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, which was truly intense. Also, finding a roommate (whew, if you don't think humans are xenophobic by their nature, try screening 42 emails of people wanting to share a bathroom with you) and wrapping up here at work. Please forgive me if I don't write more often.

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