Monday, August 20, 2007

Damn the Indians!

Ugh. No one told me that building community was going to require sacrifice of my good digestion.

The bathroom and I have been very intimate since about 3:00 this morning when I woke with a bubbling pain in my stomach.

We had potluck last night at my church and to be polite, I took a tablespoonful of what looked like curried potato salad.

Big mistake. Being polite is not worth this.

This is my second experience being unable to process Indian food. I'm sticking to naan from here on out when I don't have the option of good, old, boring, bland, American food.

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Scooter said...

My wife has the same sort of issue - I love Rogan Josh from Penzey's on my food - she, invariably, gets ill.