Monday, August 27, 2007

Cake, meet floor. Floor, meet cake.

On Friday, my co-workers threw me a party and said many nice things about me. According to the party, I am valued for my quirkiness, my passion for grammar, my enjoyment of wrestling, my idealism (in that I have ideals and stick to them) and my all-around good-nature. Pretty cool, huh.

They also got me a cake with my name on it. Although I'm sure I have, I don't remember a cake with my name on it before. When I looked at it closely, it became obvious that they had spelled my name, Rebecka, then gone back and carved out the K and replaced it with the proper redundant C. We're not certain what is in the lower right-hand corner, but it was posited that it might be a graduation scroll.

After the party, I was taking the cake to the front to share with the customers and it was like a slapstick movie, with my hands reaching out in futility to catch the confection that is traveling in slow motion and in a perfect arc. I could practically see the "Oooohhhh noooooooo!" coming out of my own rounded mouth.

It was awesome! I immediately fell to the floor in laughter.

If you have to go out, go out in style.

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