Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here come the judge, here come the judge

I’ve got some disillusionment to deal with. The folks at Doe Bay aren’t everything I thought they were. I was fairly besotted with them at first, because they were sarcastic and quick-witted and there is so little of that on the island. Now, though, I realize that there are gaping holes in their stories about where they’ve been before they came here. I’ve tried to ask tactful questions to get them to clarify but the answers just confuse the situation more. I’ve been here before (see previous marriage). Although they are excellent chefs, their tastes in all other areas are fairly bourgeois and they aren’t organized in the slightest. Yesterday, I raced to get all the way out there (it’s at the end of the island) on time after working all day at The Exchange, only to find that they had decided not to open for business that day and hadn’t thought to call me and tell me. This was after asking me Monday (two days earlier) to cover the shift because they didn’t have anyone. Marissa didn’t even admit that she had forgotten and just simply apologize; she made up some story about hoping I would come out and do some deep cleaning. Then, when was I was game for that, she didn’t have anything for me to do. She has done the schedule for this weekend twice and it didn’t seem like she even remembered having done it and lost it when we did it the second time. So, disillusionment. I’m trying to be a better judge of character but I get so wrapped up in what people mean to me, especially when we’re new to each other, that I lose track what they actually are. I think I’ll like them again and be able to work with them well, but I’m pulling way back in terms of social commitments.

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