Sunday, January 23, 2005

Everyday occurances

Things of note that have happened since I returned to the island after the holidays:

-The island received 3 inches of snow, which ground everything to a halt, especially for people at the end of driveways (usually gravel roads) on an incline. Even church was cancelled. Unusually, the snow and ice stuck around for over a week. This hasn’t happened in about ten years.
-My pipes froze but did not burst because the kooky guy that built this place used dishwasher tubing instead of copper pipes.
-My class on memoir writing was cancelled due to lack of participation.
-I had my first choir rehearsal. I like the high standards of the director. Dr. Whitecotton and Alan would approve of her. We’re doing a Benjamin Britten piece using the poems of Christopher Smart. It’s goofy. Although I have been stuck in the front row with the other first sopranos, I’ve made my first outreach to the back row, where all of the fun people are. The high school girl next to me is all stuck up and defensive. A stranger group of men I’ve never seen than in this bass section. Imagine every crazy intellectual outdoor man (Whitman, Hemingway, etc.) and someone that looks like him sings bass in this choir.
-I lost all of my hours at the Island Flavor.
-I’ve applied to substitute at the schools but have so far been ignored.
-I’ve met Owen Lawrence, Rachel’s new baby with a full head of long, dark hair. I needed that.
-I went over to the state-of-the-art animal shelter to spend time with the two pugs that were there waiting for their owners to get back from drug rehab. Although it was fun, neither equaled Retha for personality or cuddliness.
-I refilled the 100-gallon propane tank and bought a cord of wood. This was before I knew that I had lost my hours at the Flav.
-I’ve begun working out regularly with a woman named Mindy. We meet at 7 in the morning so we can listen to regular CD’s instead of work-out cover band CD’s. We’ve been shuffling the Beastie Boys with a 70’s mix of hers so the other day, “Sabotage” was followed by “Me and Mrs. Jones.” It was surreal.
-I’ve begun listing things that I get at the Exchange (mostly books) on the internet for sale. I’ve already made over $20.

I think that’s it. Just a little update on day-to-day life. I hope you enjoyed it.

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