Thursday, January 27, 2005

Everyday Living

In my conversations with people since I've been home, I realize that it's hard for some of you to picture my surroundings. I will try to show you pictures as I get them developed and digitized.

This is the Island Flavor where I currently do not work but hope to work there in the future. I do spend a lot of time there chatting with Hannah, who is one of two women friends that I have made all on my own. For some reason, wherever I go, I seem to latch on to sassy women with great laughs and here is not exception.

The Flava is at the top of a T intersection. If you follow the stem of that T away from the Flava (it's called Prune Alley; how cool is that?) on the left will be Shearwater Kayaks, which is where Jeff works in the summer and occasionally, I will carry spring rolls from the organic deli over if Tom is there and have lunch with him because the conversation is always interesting.

If you turn around and look behind you after looking at Shearwater, you will see the only true grocery store on the island. The existence of a grocery store has been a popular one, especially for those that think I have left civilization altogether. I even included the parking lot in this picture to show the extent of civilization possible, but I've never actually seen it full. Notice the dominance of VW cars. The VW density is probably the highest in the country here.

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PrincessMax said...

Actually, looking at the picture of the Island Market now that it's been posted, I don't see any VW's at all. It looks extremely suburban. Although a large contingency of Microsoft/Seattle suburban retirees do live on the island, my sense is that they do not normally dominate this much. I'll keep my eyes open, though.