Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Practical Wedding


There is only one wedding blog that I continue to read and that's Meg's A Practical Wedding. This is because she is sassy and talks authentically about experiences and is aggressive about encouraging people to have the wedding they want to have while being realistic about pesky things like family relationships and budget. She also encourages readers to think about what it means to be married and not just the event itself.

When people tell me they are engaged, I recommend that site, Bridal Bargains and Offbeat Bride. That's it. You really don't need anything else.

So, today, she posted my advice for brides that I wrote based on my own experience. These "wedding graduate" posts of hers were so helpful while I was planning and, you know me, I always want to give my own experiences more meaning by sharing them with folks. Go check it out here. Then, come back and tell me what you thought.


Jessica Young said...

I loved it. And sexy facelift, too. ;)
okay, I should be writing...

Emily DeWan Photography said...

What a great article! Loved it. And what fabulous comments you've received from it. Excellent advice to brides.
Groups of people certainly do odd things when presented in uncertain circumstances. I was also thrown when no one stood as you walked in, but there was no clear cue that you were entering. Glad you were able to laugh it off :)

PrincessMax said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I love reading the comments over there because I love getting feedback that when I tell my stories, it helps other people think about their own lives differently.