Monday, March 23, 2009

Washing feet

I was just blessed with the gift of turning the corner at exactly the right moment.

The beloved head of my department is leaving to go work for Arne Duncan in D.C. We had a party for him around lunch time where we cheered and cried and ate good food.

Just now, at 3:30, I turned the corner to see the aforementioned beloved department head digging through the garbage. I called out so that all the administrative assistants whose desks were nearby could hear, "Boss, are they making you clean up after your own party?" in mock indignation.

He looked a little sheepish and complained, "No! I want a piece of cake and they threw it out!" Since the cake he was referring to was from Friday and not from today's party, they all laughed at him as he pulled it out of the trash.

"No really. Where's the plates?"

It was a good moment to be a part of.

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ABG said...

like the new layout, Rebecca! :)