Friday, October 17, 2008

Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

So, I'm doing a 5-minute speech on the Entertainment Consumers Association, a special interest lobbying group for video gamers.

If I start the presentation with a title page that says, "Entertainment Consumers Association: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington," would you get the joke?

What if I include these pictures?


Anonymous said...

What joke? dad

PrincessMax said...

Yeah, it didn't involve farts so I figured you'd miss it, Dad. It's OK. Don't cry. You're still good at sports.

Anyone else?

Al said...

I recognized Laura Croft right away.

If you could find a still shot of AJ alone from the 'Smith' film - she holds some impressive weaponry - that would be good.

Why not "Laura Croft goes to Washington." People will get the simile between that and Angelia Jolie, plus it is related directly to a video game already in the public's awareness. And Laura Croft kicks butt, which is what lobbyists do [or at least try to do.]:-)


ABG said...